George Hepburne Scott instructed in complex mafia extradition involving Spanish security service.

A Brit accused of helping to run a £60million Mafia-style timeshare con was "sold down the river" after risking his life as a secret agent, his legal team claims.

Spanish police say Paul Blanchard was the financial advisor for a scam led by Mohamed Derbah - once the enforcer for gangster John "Goldfinger" Palmer.

But he insists he was helping a Spanish secret service probe on Derbah.

Blanchard, 73, is fighting extradition and celebrity barrister George Hepburne Scott said: "Mr Blanchard has been sold down the river by the Spanish authorities.

"He gave information at considerable personal risk."

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High Court Extradition Victory for George Hepburne Scott

On Monday 8th July, following a successful appeal against the Extradition Order issued by the Westminster Magistrates’ Court, in the case of Gumieniczek v Poland, the High Court quashed the Order for Extradition and the client was immediately released. Our challenge was based on the aggregation of the sentence with non-extradition offences, a point that had been missed by the original Solicitors.


UK Extradition Lawyer team defeat Ecuadorean Extradition request

UK Extradition Lawyer team defeat Ecuadorean Extradition request

Ms C-V was today discharged at Westminster Magistrates’ Court bringing her 18 month Extradition nightmare to an end, thanks to UK Extradition Lawyer. Our team headed up by Barrister George Hepburne-Scott, tirelessly fought the extradition request launched by the Republic of Ecuador.

After we coordinated legal action in London, Quito, and the North America Court of Human Rights in New York, and following repeated legal applications in all countries, today the Ecuadorean Government finally conceded defeat and withdrew the extradition request. Ms C-V was extremely relieved and is now free to get on with her life.




George Hepburne Scott wins on three successive days at the Extradition Court

On Wednesday 24 January before Sir Wyn Williams sitting as a High Court Judge - George wins an Extradition Appeal (Polish case), (ii) On 25 January before District Judge Baraitser, George objected to the Requesting Authority's application to adjourn and the Judge agreed and forced the Requesting Authority to go ahead and the Defendant was discharged and released (Romanian case), (iii) On 26 January before District Judge  Goldspring, client was released having been discharged following successful opposition to the Polish extradition request.

Event: George Hepburne Scott, Barrister and Principal of UK Extradition Lawyer, has been invited to lecture at the 2018 International Extradition Conference to be held in Sarnico, Italy in June 2018

George will join an panel of globally renowned academics and practitioners and deliver a lecture based on his article published on New Law Journal (Lexus Nexus UK) published in July 2017.

The lecture will focus on recent developments in the law surrounding s.2 of the Extradition Act 2003 since the landmark case of Palar v Court of First Instance, Brussels where George appeared as counsel for the requested person and set a precedent regarding the level of detail required to satisfy s.2 in accusation EAW's that has been developed and refined ever since.

Details of the lecture have also been published on the International Extradition Portal and can be viewed here.

'Houdini is nothing compared to you'

The quote of a client M.F. whose Appeal was finally granted by Consent Order from the Administrative Court on 1 December 2017.

M.F.'s extradition was originally ordered by the Westminster Magistrates' Court on 10 November 16, then his initial appeal was refused by the High Court on 24 January 17 and then refused again at an Oral Renewal Hearing 16 February 17.

However on 3 March 17 George successfully applied to stay the extradition pending the outcome of the Romanian Article 3 appeals (Greku & Ors v Romania). This stay was lifted after the initial hearing in Grekutended to go against usand the Appellants' extradition was scheduled for 12 April 17. However, on 11 April 17, George applied again for a stay of extradition and this was again granted by the High Court.

This led to months of legal argument and ultimately, the Respondent Judicial Authority (Romania) conceded defeat on Article 3 grounds and, on 1 December 2017, the High Court sealed a Consent Order quashing the Extradition Order of 10 November 2016 and ordering the Appellant's discharge.

This led to the client's genuine quote: 'Houdini is nothing compared to you'

We will continue to always ruthlessly advance our client's rights.

More Success for George Hepburne-Scott in High Court Extradition Appeal

On 25th October 2017, having heard submissions from George Hepburne-Scott, Sir Wyn Williams quashed the Extradition Order in the case of M.M. v Poland (CO/1782/2017) and the Appellant was discharged. She will not now be returned to Poland to serve the remainder of her sentence for Attempted Murder. George successfully argued that to return her would constitute a disproportionate interference with her and her young children's Article 8 rights. The Court agreed.

George Hepburne-Scott commented: "We will always ruthlessly advance the cases of our clients and secure the best possible results in all cases. We are totally committed to our clients and will advance all possible legal arguments whilst continuing to act to the highest possible ethical and professional standards."